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Wrongful Termination
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Texas Wrongful Termination

A wrongful termination or wrongful discharge occurs when a company unlawfully fires or lays off a worker. Because Texas is an at-will employment state, most terminations are legal, even if they don't necessarily seem fair. But if you've been unlawfully dismissed from a job, a wrongful termination attorney can help you take legal action against your former employer.

Broadly speaking, wrongful discharges fall into a few categories:

  • You had a written or implied employment contract and were let go in violation of that contract
  • You are a union member and were let go in violation of the union's collective bargaining agreement with your employer
  • You are a victim of job discrimination and were terminated for discriminatory reasons
  • You took an action allowed by law, such as filing a discrimination complaint or workers' compensation claim, and were let go because of it

Pursuing a Wrongful Discharge Lawsuit

Different types of wrongful terminations require different legal responses. Your labor and employment attorney or wrongful termination lawyer can review the facts in your situation and determine the appropriate legal course of action.

If you were wrongfully terminated and had an employment contract, your attorney may first attempt to negotiate a settlement with your former employer. If that fails, you can probably file a breach of contract lawsuit in civil court. (Alternately, some contracts may require you to go through a mediation or binding arbitration.)

If you are a union member, you may first have to go through the union's grievance resolution process.

Discrimination claims normally must be heard by either the Texas Civil Rights Division or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before a lawsuit can be filed.

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