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Wrongful Termination
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Tennessee Wrongful Termination

In an at-will employment state like Tennessee, an employer can terminate an employee for almost any reason at all, good or bad. But when a company unlawfully lays off or fires an employee, it's called a wrongful termination or wrongful dismissal, and the employee does have legal recourse. A wrongful termination attorney can evaluate your situation, help determine if you've been wrongfully dismissed and take legal action against the company on your behalf.

How Do You Know If You've Been Wrongfully Dismissed?

Under Tennessee law, there are several situations that are considered to be wrongful terminations:

  • If you had a written employment contract and were terminated in violation of that contract
  • If you're a union member and were terminated in violation of your union's collective bargaining agreement
  • If you were terminated for taking a lawful action, such as serving on a jury or filing a workers' compensation claim
  • If you were a victim of discrimination and were fired for discriminatory reasons

Sometimes wrongful dismissals are obvious. For example, if you have a written employment contract and your employer clearly violated the terms of the agreement, then you have grounds to file a breach of contract lawsuit in Tennessee civil court. But at other times a wrongful termination may be less clear-cut. How, for example, do you know if you were terminated for discriminatory reasons if there are no overt signs of discrimination? A labor and employment attorney, who will have worked with dozens or hundreds of wrongful termination clients, has the experience to evaluate your situation and make a preliminary determination as to whether you were wrongfully terminated. If the lawyer thinks you have a valid claim, then he or she can guide you through the process of taking legal action against the company.

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