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New Mexico Wrongful Termination

When you first started working in New Mexico, you may have heard that it's an at-will employment state, which generally means an employer may terminate an employee for almost any reason and with no advance warning. Similarly, an employee is usually free to quit at any time. There are some exceptions to these rules, and when an employee is terminated in breach of a contract or in violation of the law, it's known as a wrongful dismissal or wrongful termination. An employment attorney or wrongful termination lawyer can explain your legal options if you think you've been wrongfully let go from a job.

Signs You May Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

A wrongful termination can take several forms. These include:

  • Terminating an employee for reasons that are discriminatory. Federal and New Mexico law prohibit employment discrimination based on age (if at least 40 years old), gender, race, skin color, religion, national origin, disability and pregnancy. It is illegal for an employer to terminate a worker for discriminatory reasons. A discrimination attorney can help you file a discrimination claim with the New Mexico Human Rights Division or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • If a worker has a written or implied job contract, or is a union member covered by a collective bargaining agreement. While these types of wrongful dismissals aren't illegal, the company has still broken a contract by terminating the employee. Your wrongful dismissal lawyer can help you file a breach of contract lawsuit in New Mexico civil court or guide you through your union's grievance process.
  • If an employer is terminated in violation of the public policy exception to at-will employment laws. A company cannot terminate an employee because the employee exercised a right that's granted by law. For example, your employer can't fire you for reporting to jury duty or filing a workers' compensation claim.

Find & Hire Local New Mexico Wrongful Termination Attorneys

Different types of wrongful terminations each have different legal solutions. As soon as possible after being dismissed from your job, you should speak to an employment attorney or wrongful termination lawyer.

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