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Montana Wrongful Termination

If your job situation is like most in Montana, you can quit your job at any time. And your employer can terminate you for almost any reason and without any advanced warning. However, a dismissal is considered a wrongful termination or wrongful dismissal when it's done in violation of a contract or in violation of the law. Talk to a wrongful termination attorney or employment lawyer if you think you've been wrongfully terminated.

When Is a Termination Illegal?

In Montana, there are a couple instances when a wrongful termination is illegal, and a couple instances where you have legal recourse even though no laws have been broken.

It is illegal for an employer to terminate an employee for discriminatory reasons. Under federal and Montana law, employers cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of age (if the worker is at least 40 years old), race, skincolor, national origin, religion, genetic information, gender, disability or pregnancy.

If you've been wrongfully terminated and are the victim of discrimination, your wrongful termination lawyer can help you file a claim of discrimination with either the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Montana Human Rights Bureau.

It is also illegal for an employer to terminate a worker who is exercising his rights under federal and Montana law. For example, it would be illegal for a company to fire you for responding to a jury duty summons or for filing a workers' compensation claim. Talk to your attorney to learn about your legal options.

If you have a written or implied employment contract and were terminated in violation of that contract, you may have grounds for a breach of contract lawsuit in Montana civil court. Talk to your employment attorney to learn more about filing such a suit.

Finally, if you are a union member and were terminated in violation of a collective bargaining agreement, you may have recourse through your union's grievance procedures. Talk to your union representative to understand how you can challenge the dismissal.

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