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Wrongful Termination
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Idaho Wrongful Termination

In most cases, employment in Idaho is "at will," which means your employer can dismiss you at any time for almost any reason. (Similarly, you are free to quit at any time.) But there are certain reasons why you can't be terminated. If you are dismissed for one of these reasons, it's known as a wrongful dismissal or wrongful termination. An attorney can help you take legal action against an employer that has wrongfully terminated you.

Wrongful Termination FAQ

My employer laid me off without any notice. Was I wrongfully terminated?

Unless you were part of a mass layoff, employers typically don't have to give workers any advance notice when laying off or firing employees.

Can an employer fire me for discriminatory reasons?

If an employee is a member of a protected class and terminated for discriminatory reasons, then it may be a wrongful termination. Protected classes are groups of people who are historically the victims of discriminatory treatment. Under federal and Idaho law, it is illegal for employers to treat workers differently based on age (if you are at least 40 years old), sex, religion, skin color, race, national origin, disability or because you are pregnant. A wrongful termination lawyer or discrimination attorney can help you file a legal claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Idaho Human Rights Commission.

I had an employment contract with my company but was still fired. Is that legal?

If you were terminated in violation of the terms and conditions of your job contract, you may have a breach of contract case against your employer. Your attorney can help you file a lawsuit against your former employer in civil court.

I was hurt on the job, but I'm nervous about filing a workers' compensation claim. Can my company terminate me for making a claim?

It is illegal for a company to terminate you for filing a workers' compensation claim. (This is known as the public policy exception to the at-will employment doctrine.) Employers cannot terminate workers for doing things that are allowed by law, such as serving on a jury or making a workers' comp claim.

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