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What Is Considered Good Cause in the Firing Process

When you have been fired, an employer may be required to show good cause. Good cause is typically shown in order to clarify that an employer did not fire an employee for discriminatory reasons. An employer is said to have "good cause" for firing an employee when it is making budget cuts or believes the worker has poor performance that is negatively impacting the business. In the cases where an employer does not have good cause for firing an employee, usually the employer has engaged in a form of discrimination. For example, the EEOC reported an employer recently fired an HIV-positive employee for complaining about being harassed by other co-workers at the place of employment. You can find an wrongful termination attorney to help you today if you believe you are the victim of an unlawful firing process.

Examples Of Good Cause

Employers must go through a procedure before they actually fire an employee. An employer must use firing an employee as a last resort. In addition, an employer can avoid issues with the law if the employer outlines the reasons for termination in a handbook. Every employee should be aware of the behaviors that can cause him or her to get fired from a company. An employee should also be aware that an employer may fire employees for budgetary or efficiency issues within the corporation. Here are some other examples of good cause that an employer should have before firing an employee:

  • Harassing other workers at the office
  • Theft
  • Sharing trade secrets with other business people
  • Poor performance at work
  • Threatening other employees or superiors
  • Insubordination to supervisors

Honoring Employment Contracts

You should also be aware of any employment contracts that you have signed prior to getting hired at your workplace. An employment contract may have specific provisions that must be honored in order for you to receive pay or become promoted in a position. Certain quotas may have to be met in order for a person to keep his or her job in a sales position at a company. You can work with a wrongful termination lawyer to discover whether you have to abide by these provisions.