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Wrongful Termination
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Georgia Wrongful Termination

Employees who have been laid off without warning or fired with no explanation often wonder if their firing was legal. Do they have grounds for a wrongful dismissal lawsuit? Only a wrongful termination attorney who's familiar with the specifics of your situation can answer that. But generally Georgia employment laws give an employer broad latitude to end its relationship with an employee.

Wrongful Termination FAQ

What is wrongful termination?


Wrongful termination or wrongful dismissal are the terms used to describe a situation where an employer has ended its relationship with an employee for a reason that either is illegal under federal or Georgia law or that violates a written employment contract.

What are examples of a wrongful termination?

It is illegal for an employer to dismiss any employee for discriminatory reasons. The law protects employees who are victims of discrimination based on sex, age (for workers who are over the age of 40), religion, race, national origin, disability or pregnancy, among other reasons. However, it can often be difficult to prove that you were terminated for discriminatory reasons and not, for example, based on job performance.

If you have a written employment contract or are covered by a union collective bargaining agreement and are terminated in violation of that agreement, then you may also be a victim of wrongful termination.

Can I sue my employer for wrongful termination? And get my job back?

The answer to both questions is, "Maybe." It depends on the specifics of your situation.

If you're the victim of discrimination, you'll first have to file a claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Equal Employment Division of the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity. Depending on the outcome of that investigation, you may receive a letter allowing you to file a civil lawsuit against your former employer.

If you were terminated despite having a job contract, then you may have grounds for a breach of contract lawsuit in civil court. Your wrongful termination lawyer can guide you through the process of filing that lawsuit.

I don't have a written job contract, but my employer made verbal promises to me that I'd always have a job. Can I sue?

Georgia law does not recognize the concept of an implied contract so you typically wouldn't be able to sue. However, take time to speak to a labor and employment lawyer. You may have grounds for another type of legal claim against your former company.

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