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Wrongful Termination
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Alabama Wrongful Termination

The state of Alabama is what's known as an at-will employment state, meaning that if you don't have an employment contract, then either you or your employer can end your employment relationship at any time. You are free to quit, and your employer can fire you for a good reason, bad reason or no reason at all. But even in an at-will employment state, there are a few instances when your employer can't terminate you. If you are let go for one of these reasons, you may have recourse against your employer. A wrongful termination attorney can explain your legal options in more detail.

What Is Wrongful Termination?


Wrongful termination (also known as wrongful dismissal) occurs when you're illegally fired from a job. Under Alabama law, a termination can be illegal if you:

  • Were terminated as a result of job discrimination
  • Have an employment contract with your employer and you were terminated in violation of this contract
  • Have what's known as an implied contract; in other words, you don't have a written employment contract, but you and your employer have come to a verbal agreement or your employer has promised continuing employment
  • Were fired because you are a member of a union
  • Were fired for refusing to work in an unsafe workplace
  • Were terminated because of a pregnancy

A labor and employment attorney or wrongful termination lawyer can review the specific facts in your situation, help you understand your legal options and pursue legal action against your employer on your behalf.

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