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Workers Compensation in New Hampshire

Whether you work on a construction site, in a retail store or even in an office, the workplace can be a dangerous place. If you've been hurt on the job or diagnosed with an occupational illness, your injury- or illness-related expenses will probably be covered under New Hampshire workers' compensation insurance laws. Speak to a workers' comp attorney today to learn more about filing a claim, appealing a denied claim or getting the money you deserve.

How Much Do New Hampshire Workers' Compensation Attorneys Cost?

If you're unable to work or are facing steep medical bills, you're probably wondering if you can afford to hire a workers' compensation attorney.

The good news is that you'll pay nothing when you hire an attorney and you'll only pay legal fees if the attorney collects money on your behalf. This is known as a contingency fee and it's the fee structure most commonly used by workers' compensation lawyers and other types of personal injury attorneys.

The advantage of a contingency fee is that you'll spend nothing while your claim is being processed or your appeal is being heard by the New Hampshire Department of Labor Workers Compensation Division. If money is tight, you can use it on essentials and won't be tying it up on legal fees.

If your claim is successful, you'll owe your workers' comp attorney up to 20 percent of any insurance money you receive. This amount is set by New Hampshire workers' compensation laws and must be approved by the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

Find & Hire Local Workers' Compensation Lawyers in New Hampshire

Under New Hampshire law, you have a limited amount of time to file a workers' compensation claim after your workplace injury or the diagnosis of your occupational disease. Because time is of the essence, you should hire a workers' comp lawyer as soon as possible.

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