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Workers Compensation in Nebraska

Workers' compensation insurance is designed to pay for medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages and disability when a worker is injured on the job or develops an occupational illness. And, in many instances, the process works smoothly, with hurt workers quickly receiving the compensation they deserve. But the claims process can be confusing and problems often occur. A workers' compensation attorney in Nebraska can help you file a claim, appeal a denied claim and get the money you deserve.

How Much Do Workers' Comp Attorneys Charge?

If you're off of work and running up expensive medical bills, you're probably asking yourself, "Can I afford to hire a lawyer?" And that's a good question.

Workers' compensation attorneys—like most personal injury lawyers—charge what's known as a contingency fee. When you hire an attorney on contingency:

  • You pay the lawyer nothing when you hire him or her
  • You pay the attorney nothing while your Nebraska workers' compensation claim is being processed
  • You pay the lawyer a percentage of any money you're awarded by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
  • You pay nothing if your claim is ultimately denied

The advantage of hiring an attorney on contingency is that the lawyer shares some of the risk. He or she is investing money in preparing and presenting your claim to the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court. And while your claim is being processed, you can use your hard-earned money for essentials like housing, food and medical care.

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