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Workers' Compensation in Louisiana

If you've been injured on the job in Louisiana or diagnosed with a job-related illness, you may be entitled to Louisiana workers' compensation. This money is intended to pay for your injury or illness-related medical care, lost wages and other injury-related rehabilitation. If your claim is denied, a Louisiana workers' compensation attorney can help you fight for the benefits you deserve.

Louisiana Workers' Compensation Basics

Louisiana workers' compensation eligibility: Louisiana employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance for most employees. Certain workers, such as domestic workers in private homes and farm employees on unincorporated farms, are exempt from coverage. Exempt employees who suffer on-the-job injuries can pursue money for their injuries through a civil lawsuit.

Louisiana workers' compensation benefits: According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, "If your injury or illness is found to be job-related, you may be entitled to receive medical care for the injury or illness, disability compensation for a portion of your lost wages, rehabilitation services, and, in the event of your death, benefits payable to your survivors." Benefits begin on the eighth day following your injury. You will not be paid for the first seven days you are unable to work unless you miss more than 42 days of work.

Louisiana workers' compensation notification requirements: A Louisiana worker must notify his or her employer of any injury or job-related illness immediately or as soon as possible if urgent medical treatment is required. You must report the injury or illness within 30 days. You should also update your employer if your condition changes or worsens.

Medical treatment for job-related illness or injury: In Louisiana, injured workers have the right to choose their own doctor. However, your employer has the right to ask that you be examined by a doctor of the employer's choosing. Your employer will pay your medical costs.

How a Louisiana Workers' Comp Lawyer Can Help You

A Louisiana workers' compensation lawyer can be of particular assistance if your workers' comp claim is denied. Your attorney can help you appeal your denied claim and get the benefits you're entitled to.

Your employer or its insurance company may attempt to settle your claim for a lump-sum payment. Your Louisiana workers' comp attorney can advise you on whether the settlement is a fair one and can help you try to negotiate a better settlement.

When you hire a Louisiana workers' compensation lawyer, you're hiring someone who will fight for the benefits you deserve, make sure you're being treated fairly by the insurance company, guide you through the claims and appeals process, and continue to track and monitor your claim to ensure it's being addressed in a timely manner.  Find out more about the role of a workers comp attorney in securing your benefits.

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If you've been injured on the job or diagnosed with a job-related illness, you can't afford to delay: You must quickly notify your employer and start the process of claiming Louisiana workers' compensation benefits. But insurance companies don't always want to pay you the money you deserve. If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, you should hire a Louisiana workers' comp attorney to help appeal the claim and collect your benefits. offers a free service that can connect you with local Louisiana workers' compensation attorneys—whether you live in Shreveport, New Orleans, Baton Rouge or elsewhere in Louisiana. To use our service, complete the form on this page or call us at 877-913-7222. After asking you a few questions, we'll quickly match you with an attorney in your area.