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Workers' Compensation in Connecticut

If you've developed an occupational illness or have been injured on the job, you should be entitled to money to pay for lost wages, medical expenses and any temporary or permanent disability. In many instances, workers' compensation claims are processed smoothly and without any problems. However, if your claim is denied or you don't receive the money you deserve, you will need to hire a Connecticut workers' compensation attorney to help get the compensation you deserve.

Connecticut Workers' Compensation Basics

The benefit of workers' compensation insurance is that, in most circumstances, you do not need to sue your employer to collect money to pay for work-related illnesses or injuries.

As soon as possible after you've been hurt at work or diagnosed with a job-related illness, tell your employer and seek medical treatment. Your claim is official when you file Connecticut's 30C Form, which is available from the State of Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission. Normally you'll receive a benefits check within two weeks of filing the claim.

You will want to hire a Connecticut workers' compensation lawyer if:

  • You do not receive your benefits check
  • Your check is for less money that you think you deserve
  • Your workers' compensation claim is denied

Connecticut workers' comp attorneys can help you appeal a denied claim and represent you at informal, formal and appellate hearings regarding your claim.  Find out more about how to hire a workers compensation attorney.

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Time is of the essence when you need to hire Connecticut workers' comp lawyers. That's because there is a time limit to notify your employer, file a claim and appeal a denial. If you need help locating a Connecticut workers' comp lawyer in your area, then can help you. Complete the form on this page or call us at 877-913-7222. After answering a few easy questions, we'll connect you to local Connecticut workers' compensation attorneys.