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Wisconsin Wills and Probate

Probating a will in Wisconsin can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Plus, complex financial and tax issues may arise, especially in estates with substantial assets. If you have recently lost a loved one and are coping with the grieving process while also trying to tackle the state’s probate system, you may be overwhelmed. The obtuse legal jargon, fine print, and mound of legal documents involved lead many in your shoes to wring their hands and walk away.

Others in your situation have turned to locally available help in the form of wills and probate lawyers. These Wisconsin residents realize they are able to save time, money, effort, and sanity by working with professionals in the probate system who know the best methods and the pitfalls to avoid.

What Are the Duties of a Personal Representative?

In Wisconsin, the personal representative of an estate is a fiduciary charged with administering the decedent’s estate for the benefits of others, including:

  • Beneficiaries
  • Heirs
  • Devisees who receive real property
  • Legatees who receive personal property through bequests

The executor is generally nominated in the will by the decedent and appointed by the district court in the county where the decedent lived at the time of death. Duties of a personal representative may vary, but responsibilities generally encompass the following tasks:

  • Collecting income from estate property
  • Paying debts, claims, and expenses
  • Filing estate and income tax returns
  • Preserving, distributing, and settling the estate.

In many cases, the executor is aided by a Wisconsin wills and probate lawyer, who helps the personal representative perform his duties to administer the decedent’s estate.

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Will and probate attorneys can advise you whether your current will or trust is legally valid under Wisconsin’s laws and help testators avoid huge federal estate tax burdens, fees, costs, and time delays, through prudent estate planning. It is never too soon to begin this process. There are practically no circumstances in which the preparation of a will or trust is imprudent or unnecessary, so call now to speak with a wills and probate lawyer in Wisconsin at 877-913-7222.