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Virginia Wills and Probate

Probate of an estate in the Commonwealth of Virginia can be nothing short of time-consuming, tedious and frustrating. Add to that the sophisticated financial and tax matters that often arise with larger estates and you have the core ingredients for developing a migraine. So if you have recently lost a loved one and are struggling with Virginia’s probate process, it is entirely understandable if you become overwhelmed. But, please read on for solutions.

Why Partner with a Local Wills Attorney?

Many astute Virginians in these circumstances have consulted a local wills and probate lawyer for guidance through this difficult process. Virginia probate attorneys can walk you through the probate process to make sure your loved one’s estate is administered appropriately, efficiently, and cost-effectively. You do not have to fumble through a do-it-yourself guidebook or self-help software on your own.

What Legal Services Do Virginia Probate Lawyers Provide?

Will and probate lawyers practicing in Virginia offer clients a wide and comprehensive range of legal services that encompass all aspects of estate administration in the Commonwealth. Note that services provided by experienced wills lawyers in Virginia include:

  • Will drafting
  • Will contests
  • Trust creation
  • Codicil preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Asset and liability inventories
  • Beneficiary disputes
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Notice to potential estate creditors
  • Interpretation/analysis of will provisions
  • Probate and estate litigation
  • Conservatorships.

In most cases, a decedent’s liabilities and debts are paid from his estate, and the remaining assets are distributed to the heirs or beneficiaries according to the terms specified in the will. This is the process that occurs when a decedent dies testate, or with a legally valid will in place in Virginia at the time of death.

But if the decedent dies without having a will, or intestate, the heirs are not determined according to his wishes, but rather, pursuant to the Commonwealth’s state code, which includes probate laws governing intestate succession. These default state laws kick in automatically when a decedent dies without a will and may not result in a distribution of assets according to the decedent's wishes. In some cases, where no living relatives exist, the assets of a person who died without a will may be given to the state.

Contact a Will and Probate Attorney in Virginia Today

Will and probate lawyers can advise whether your will or trust is legally valid under Virginia’s probate laws. They help clients avoid hefty federal estate tax burdens, fees, costs, and time delays, through thorough and meticulous estate planning and administration, so it is not prudent to delay. Call now to speak with a wills and probate attorney in Virginia at 877-913-7222.