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South Dakota Wills and Probate

Are you trying to cope after a family member's death in South Dakota? Is the last thing you want to confront a mountain of complicated probate papers? 

Probate of an estate in South Dakota can be a tedious, time-intensive, detailed, and complex process. Predictably, a lot of the complicity results from sophisticated tax and financial matters that are prone to arise during probate. For these reasons, many parties conclude that hiring a South Dakota will and probate attorney to help guide them through the local probate process is a worthwhile investment and prudent move. In partnering with a locally-based legal professional, these individuals can avoid making costly mistakes or tripping into a frustrating series of delays in estate administration.

What Should You Do If a Will Appears Suspicious?

It is tough to lose a loved one. The grief is even tougher when you are plagued with suspicions that your loved one's will is not authentic or has been changed under duress. If you have doubts and suspicions as to whether your family member's will reflects his or her intentions for disposition of property or somehow contradicts the promises or representations that were otherwise made by the testator to family members, you should not ignore those feelings. While, it is true that you do not want to appear cold, calculated, or greedy after a loved one's death, you still do not want to tolerate or ignore a suspicious last will and testament because you do not want to step on toes or cause conflict or hurt feelings among family.

So, what should you do?

If you believe a fraud has been perpetuated or some undue measure of influence or duress has been exerted over your loved one that has caused a last-minute change in the prior will or addition of an odd bequest, you should seek legal counsel. South Dakota wills and probate attorneys can assist in bringing a challenge to validity of a problematic or questionable will. These probate lawyers are adept at defending a family member's will against false or bogus claims of beneficiaries or purported beneficiaries, as well.

What Are the Reasons a South Dakota Will Is Contested?

There are several reasons for which a will can be contested or called into question through a formal legal procedure in South Dakota. Those reasons include the following bases:

  • Undue influence (i.e., when elderly are cut off by mail and phone from other family)
  • Unsound mind (i.e., mental lucidity is questionable, given the strange bequests in the will)
  • Fraud (i.e., fraudulent financial relationships are developed with elderly to scam their money and take their estates under wills)
  • Lies (i.e., relationships of some family members are ruined by other family members, as a result some family are cut out of will)

South Dakota will attorneys are readily and locally available to protect the rights of elderly and to help shield them from scams and financial manipulation by unscrupulous parties. Such actions constitute elder abuse.

Contact a South Dakota Will and Probate Attorney Today

South Dakota will and probate attorneys can help you determine the legal validity of your will and/or trust. You can rest more comfortably and confidently knowing you are doing all that you can to reduce, or hopefully avoid entirely, any unwelcome and unnecessary hefty tax burdens, fees, costs, and time delays. To accomplish these aims, you should approach estate planning and administration early and revisit your plans and documents periodically. It is prudent to consult a probate lawyer today. Call now to speak with a wills and probate attorney in South Dakota at 877-913-7222.