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Oklahoma Wills and Probate

Beyond doubt, probate of an estate in Oklahoma can be tedious, time-intensive, detailed, and cumbersome. Probate forms are laden with fine print in dense legal jargon that appears to be written in a foreign language, and sophisticated tax and financial matters are prone to arise with larger estates. For these reasons, many parties faced with the recent loss of a loved one readily conclude it is worthwhile to hire a local will and probate attorney to guide them through Oklahoma probate proceedings. In pairing with a wills lawyer, these conscientious individuals can avoid costly mistakes and frustrating delays in estate administration.

Reasons to Contest an Oklahoma Will

In Oklahoma, will contests can arise when a testator's will is called into question through a formal legal proceeding. Parties involved in will contests include executors, personal representatives, trustees, heirs, beneficiaries, and purported heirs or beneficiaries. Reasons for contesting a will might include:

  • Unsound mind, lucidity, or mental state of testator
  • Undue influence, duress, or coercion exerted upon testator
  • Lies
  • Fraud
  • Elder scams

Fortunately, Oklahoma probate lawyers stand ready to protect the rights, property, and estates of the elderly, as well as to help shield them from scams and financial coercion. In fact, many probate attorneys routinely accept cases involving elder abuse.

What to Do in Response to a Suspicious Will

Without question, It is hard to cope with the loss of a loved one. The grief process can be compounded immensely by suspicions and doubts that surround the validity of a loved one’s will. If you or a family member believes a will is not in keeping with the desires often expressed by your loved one; is possibly forged or otherwise not authentic; or has been changed under duress, don't ignore your instincts. If you suspect that a family member’s will contradicts earlier promises or representations made to family members, act on those nagging feelings and consult local probate counsel.

It is understandable that you wouldn’t want to appear cold, calculated, or greedy after a loved one’s death. But you shouldn't ignore a suspicious last will and testament just because you don’t want to step on toes, cause conflict, hurt feelings, or ruffle someone's feathers. The stakes are simply too high in most cases to sit back and do nothing. If you believe your late family member was a victim of fraud or undue influence, or that duress has been exerted that caused a last-minute change to the will, such as an addition of an odd bequest, seek guidance from an Oklahoma probate lawyer immediately. Experienced wills and probate attorneys can successfully challenge the validity of a questionable will. Will attorneys are equally adept at defending a family member’s will against false or bogus claims by beneficiaries or purported beneficiaries.

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Probate attorneys in Oklahoma can help you determine the validity of your will or trust. They can help reduce, or avoid entirely, unwelcome and unnecessary hefty federal tax burdens, fees, costs, and time delays. To achieve these goals, approach estate planning and administration early. Similarly, it is prudent to routinely revisit estate plans and documents to periodically update them. Call now to speak with a wills and probate attorney in Oklahoma at 877-913-7222.