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California Estate Planning

Adults who die without a last will and testament in California will have their estates—which includes their money, possessions and real estate—distributed according to a formula found in theintestacy laws. Worst case: The state of California could inherit your state. However, that can easily be avoided by working with an estate planning attorney to create a plan so you can control how your estate is distributed.

Am I a Candidate for Estate Planning?

Many people make the mistake of assuming they're too young or have too little money to need estate planning. That's wrong. In fact, most American adults can benefit from estate planning.

Estate planning is important if you:

  • Have minor children (under the age of 18, according to California law)
  • Have assets such as bank accounts and/or retirement accounts
  • Own real estate
  • Own a business
  • Are in a committed relationship but are not married to your partner
  • Want to control who inherits your estate after you die

It's also important to update your estate planning documents if you've gotten married, divorced or widowed since your last will and testament was created, or if you've moved to California from another state.

Estate planning lawyers can help review the specifics of your situation and help you determine the strategy that's right for you. This can include:

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