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Washington D.C. Wills and Probate

Are you struggling to cope with a loved one's death? If so, it is likely that the last thing you want to confront is a mile-high stack of legal papers in a bogged-down probate process in the District of Columbia. Do you fear miles of bureaucratic red tape? Do the documents you face appear to be written in a foreign language that is utterly incomprehensible? These and other questions and concerns are likely swelling in your head.

Without a doubt, the probate of an estate in D.C. can be a tedious, time-intensive, detailed, and complicated process for you and your family. These headaches are what motivate many folks to wisely enlist the help and advocacy of an experienced D.C.-based probate attorney. These legal professionals skilled in wills and trusts law can help you navigate the probate system and administer your loved one's estate pursuant to his or her will.

What Is a Personal Wealth Planning Data and Financial Inventory Worksheet? How Does it Help Me?

You may be just starting the estate administration process, have an existing will and be interested in updating it, or be charged with handling the estate of a loved one. In any of these circumstances, if you consult a District of Columbia wills attorney, you will likely be asked to complete paperwork that includes worksheets and/or inventories.

The Personal Wealth Planning Data and Financial Inventory Worksheet is a popular tool for starting estate planning and the required organization for same. This comprehensive form requires those completing it to gather pertinent documentation and thoroughly examine key aspects of financial health and familial situations, all of which are important components to detailed-oriented estate planning. The form discloses a multitude of valuable information in areas spanning these categories:

  • Contact information
  • Social Security numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Spouse information
  • Dependent information (children, grandchildren, and others)
  • Parents' information
  • Costs of support for dependents
  • Whether there is a will
  • Whether there is a trust
  • Any adoptions in the family
  • Whether there is a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement
  • History of residences and states
  • Health problems and issues of family members
  • Whether there are any health problems necessitating special support
  • Guardians to raise minor children
  • Guardians of minor children’s assets
  • Appointment of an executor for will
  • Spouse's appointment of executor for will
  • Substitute executors for wills
  • Distributions to beneficiaries after death (inheritance)
  • Trust information
  • Living will information
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Financial information (assets inventory)
  • Asset management power of attorney

In sum, estate planning requires organization, detail, and avoiding procrastination. The earlier you start, the easier it will be, and the more options and alternatives you will have along the way. You may determine that you prefer to be guided through the process by a wills and probate attorney, rather than fumbling along yourself.

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You can work with a local probate attorney to minimize or avoid hefty tax burdens, fees, costs, and delays in the long-term, if you join forces early. Because there are real, tangible risks and dangers associated with delays, it is prudent to fight temptations of procrastination or avoidance. Default intestate succession rules for decedents who die without a written or otherwise valid will are not favorable to estate beneficiaries in most jurisdictions.

A will, even if simple, can help prevent big losses, costs, and burdens upon those you leave behind. Wills lawyers can counsel you on the legal validity of wills and trusts. They may also partner with financial, tax, and accounting professionals to offer sophisticated and comprehensive planning services to you. Call now to speak with a District of Columbia wills and probate attorney at 877-913-7222.