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New Hampshire Visas

The United States government has specific rules to follow when coming to visit or live in the country. You must choose the right kind of visa and submit all the paperwork accurately. It can be a confusing process, but a New Hampshire visa lawyer can help make it easier.

Can Anyone Get a Visa?

No. Your application may be denied for many reasons. For example, officials may deny you a non-immigrant visa if they believe you really want to immigrate. In some cases, you may be able to get a waiver from inadmissibility.

Also, some people are not allowed to enter the country. This includes those who have:

  • Specific mental or physical illnesses
  • Committed certain crimes
  • Known ties to terrorism

If officials find out about these things while reviewing your application, they will deny it. If they find out later, you can be turned away at the port of entry or deported.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Visa?

Wait times vary widely based largely on the kind of visa you want. Your local consulate's procedures can also affect the time it takes.

Most non-immigrant visas take from a few days to about a month. A few can take longer. Often the longest wait is for your interview. If needed, administrative processing may add a few more weeks.

Most immigrant visas take much longer. One of the biggest obstacles is the annual limit for many of them. It can take 20 years or more after a family member files a petition for you before you can even submit your application. Even some work-based visas can take 10 years or more.

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