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Massachusetts Visas

A visa is a legal document that lets you enter a country. Most people from other countries need a visa to visit the United States. But most residents of Canada do not, unless they plan to move here for good.

Some visitors can get a Visa Waiver. This lets them stay in the country for 90 days without jumping through all the hoops to get a regular visa. These are available only for business or pleasure travel.

Work Visas

People coming to the United States to work probably need a some type of visa:

  • E1 or E2 visas are for investing or trading in the United States.
  • L1 visas are for working in a U.S. office of their home company.
  • P visas are for artists, entertainers, and athletes.
  • TN visas are for people from Canada or Mexico who need to work here.

Your employer or lawyer can advise which is right for you. 

Family Visas

There are two main types of family visas:

  • K1 or fiancé visas are for foreign fiancés of U.S. citizens.
  • K3 visas are for foreign spouses of U.S. citizens.

Other visas let different kinds of family members move here to be with U.S. citizens.

Other Visas

Other types of visas apply to different situations:

  • F1 visas are for students studying in America.
  • B2 visas are for people coming to America for a vacation.

There are other types of visas, too.

How Long Can I Stay?

Look for the "duration of stay" date on your visa, and be sure you know what it means. Rules have become more strict. If needed, you can apply to extend your stay. To do this, you:

  • Must have a legal visa
  • Must not commit any serious crimes
  • Must be sure your passport is valid

There are a handful of reasons you might not be able to extend your stay. A Massachusetts visa lawyer can explain these to you.

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