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Illinois Visas

To come to Illinois from another country to visit family or get a job, you will likely need a visa. A visa allows you to legally go from one country to another. Different types of visas are available.

Basic Visa Information

A temporary visa is for people who want to visit the United States for vacation, business, or study. A visa for work is often called a green card. People who apply for a permanent visa usually want to join family members or fiancés who are already here.

You cannot get a visa overnight. It takes time for a visa to be approved. In some cases, only a limited number of visas are available each year.

Problems With Visas

You may not be eligible to get a visa:

  • If you have committed crimes
  • If you have been involved with terrorism
  • If you do not have enough money to live on
  • If you lie about why you want to come to America

People sometimes worry about being sent home. You cannot be sent back to your home country if:

  • You commit a minor crime, like breaking a traffic law
  • You are not current with your income taxes
  • You are the victim of a crime

If you are the victim of a crime, you may be able to get a U-Visa. This lets you give information about a crime without worrying about getting sent home.

Student Visas Are Common in Illinois

People who come here to study need a student visa. To get one, you must:

  • Understand that you may not be allowed to work while in school.
  • Take a minimum number of courses.
  • Prove you can pay for school without getting a job.

The school you want to attend can tell you more. Avoid problems by talking to a visa attorney. A visa lawyer also can help if the government wants to deport you.

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