Immigration attorneys can help individuals and companies obtain visas to enter the United States. Immigrant visas are granted to people relocating the country. Non-immigrant visas allow people to visit the U.S. for specific purposes, such as work, school and tourism. Talk to a visa lawyer today to learn more about how to obtain a specific visa.
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A visa is a legal document allowing non-citizens to petition for work, travel and/or residence in the US for an extended period of time. The process of approving, issuing and renewing a visa usually involves a number of steps like legal petitions, Affidavits of Support, and other important formalities that truly do require the assistance of a licensed attorney. For those with a visa application pending, the involvement of a visa attorney could mean the difference in life in the US or abroad.

Types of Visas

Temporary (non-immigration)

  • Student visas require school enrollment and full-time study
  • Limited business purposes such as educational programs or seminars, research or becoming a temporary worker
  • Athletes, physicians, religious clergy, researchers and other people requiring temporary entry
  • Travel visas allow tourists to visit America and travel abroad

Immigration Visas

  • Fiancees (K1 Visas) and marriage visas (K3)
  • Work Visas

Citizens from some countries may qualify for the visa waiver program if they expect to be visiting the United States for less than ninety days. An immigration attorney who understands all types of visas can advise whether or not you qualify for such a visa waiver. If you do, the immigration attorney can assist in applying for an Electronic System Travel Authorization (ESTA) visa waiver, which must be authorized before you travel.

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