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What Does A Tax Attorney Do

A tax attorney can do far more for you than help file your income taxes. A tax attorney can offer you guidance that helps you save thousands of dollars in the filing of your taxes. A tax attorney has a thorough understanding of all of the deductions that can apply in your case. You may not know whether you should itemize your deductions. The IRS states that you must itemize your deductions if you are unable to make use of the standard deduction. The problem is that knowing when you should itemize can be tricky, and a tax lawyer can help you make this important decision. He or she may help you deal with an audit notice from the IRS. When you feel like the IRS is pursuing an invalid claim against you, a tax lawyer can be your advocate in tax court.

How a Tax Lawyer Helps You

A tax attorney helps you in a variety of ways. A tax attorney can take the stress away from you when you have received an audit notice from the IRS. You should keep in mind that tax attorneys have dealt with the IRS in numerous other cases. They are fully aware of the mishaps that can occur when the IRS files an audit notice against you. They know that the IRS may have misunderstood the facts in your case, and they may have to make the effort to explain the facts of your case to the IRS.

Here are some of the other ways that tax lawyers can help you:

  • File an appeal of a tax court decision.
  • Communicate with IRS officials.
  • Help your business save money.
  • Help you take advantage of tax credits.

Call A Tax Lawyer

You can call a tax lawyer today to begin dealing with your tax law issues. A tax lawyer will take the time to understand your complex tax situation and how to help you resolve the situation. A tax lawyer knows how to help you appeal a case that has been wrongfully decided by the tax court.