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IRS Tax Debt Relief in West Virginia

Do you owe back taxes to the West Virginia State Tax Department? Does the Internal Revenue Service keep trying to collect on your tax debt. Owing money to the government can be stressful—particularly if you can't afford to pay. But a West Virginia tax attorney can help you find a solution to your delinquent tax problem.

Federal & West Virginia Tax Relief Solutions

The West Virginia State Tax Department and IRS have several programs in place designed to help delinquent taxpayers clear their tax debt. Your West Virginia tax lawyer can examine your previous tax returns and tax bills, then review your finances to determine the best solutions for your situation. Among the options:

  • If your tax bill is inaccurate, it can be addressed in several possible ways. Depending on the specifics of the situation, you can file a new or amended tax return, work with the government to correct the errors or file a tax appeal. Or you may be able to simply settle with the government, for pennies on the dollar, using a program known as an offer in compromise. Your West Virginia tax relief attorney can help you decide which approach would work best for you.
  • If you can't afford to pay your tax bill all at once, you can instead pay off the debt in small monthly installments.
  • If paying your entire bill would cause serious financial hardships, you might also be eligible for the offer in compromise program. You can also apply for a penalty abatement, which removes any interest charges and late-payment penalties that have been assessed.
  • If your tax debt meets specific eligibility requirements, you can discharge it in bankruptcy. However, there can be long-lasting ramifications to a bankruptcy filing, so you'll want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your West Virginia tax debt attorney or bankruptcy lawyer.
  • If your spouse or ex-spouse is solely responsible for all or part of your tax debt, the government can make him or her solely liable for the tax bill. You do this through a process called innocent spouse relief.

Whatever you do, don't ignore the government in hopes it will forget about your tax debt. Legally, the government can seize and sell your property—including your home, automobile and other assets—to pay your past-due tax bill. The government can also garnish your wages, confiscate your bank account and intercept your Social Security payments.

Find & Hire a West Virginia Tax Debt Lawyer

When you hire a West Virginia tax relief lawyer, you're hiring a tax law expert who has extensive experience representing clients with tax debt problems just like yours. Your attorney will have experience working with the IRS and West Virginia State Tax Department, will understand the available tax relief solutions and be able to recommend the best solution for your situation. That knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

If you're ready to address your federal and West Virginia tax debt problem, your next step is to find and hire a local tax lawyer. Whether you live in Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg or elsewhere in West Virginia, can help you find a tax attorney in your area. Phone us at 877-913-7222 or fill out the form on this page to get started. We'll quickly get to work connecting you with a local lawyer.