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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Oklahoma

Taxpayers owe hundreds of millions of dollars in delinquent taxes to the state of Oklahoma. Even more is owed to the federal government. If you owe a federal or Oklahoma tax debt, the government will aggressively attempt to collect what it is owed. An Oklahoma tax attorney can help you negotiate a tax relief solution.

Federal & Oklahoma Tax Collection Efforts

Legally, the government has about 10 years in which is can collect unpaid taxes. And if you owe any back taxes, you can be certain the Internal Revenue Service and Oklahoma Tax Commission will regularly attempt to collect.

After failing to pay your taxes by the due date, you can expect to receive a tax bill listing the actual or estimated amount you owe. Added to your tax debt are tax penalties—interest charges and late fees—that will continue to grow until your tax balance is paid in full.

Many people will pay up as soon as they receive a delinquent tax bill. But perhaps you can't afford to pay or don't agree with the amount you're being charged. If you ignore the bills, next you can expect the government to place a tax lien. This is a type of legal claim that a creditor makes against a debtor's property, such as a house, car, boat or motorcycle. The tax lien is lifted after the debt is repaid, but until then you'll be unable to sell the property or refinance any loans connected to the property.

Tax liens are also reported to the credit bureaus, which will include them on your credit report. This may make it more expensive or more difficult to get a new credit card or new loan, because it signals to the lender that you have a higher risk of defaulting on your loan.

Some states, including Oklahoma, also publish lists of the people and companies that owe the most back taxes. These public notices are intended to shame delinquent taxpayers.

Find & Hire an Oklahoma Tax Relief Attorney

Instead of losing your property to the government, why not work with an Oklahoma tax debt attorney to solve your tax debt problems? Your attorney can review your old tax returns and examine your finances to help find a tax relief solution that's right for you.

If you're ready to get started, your next step is to find and hire an Oklahoma tax relief lawyer. And you've come to the right place! Whether you live in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman or elsewhere in Oklahoma, can connect you with a local tax lawyer. Call us at 877-913-7222 or complete the form on this page to get started. There's no charge to use the service, and we can often connect you with an area attorney within a couple business days.