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IRS Tax Debt Relief in New Jersey

High unemployment rates, falling real estate values and a depressed economy have forced many New Jersey residents to fall behind on their tax payments. For others, divorce and health issues may have led to a tax debt. Regardless of the reason, you must take your tax debt issue seriously. And a New Jersey tax attorney can help you solve the problem.

If you owe back taxes, the Internal Revenue Service and the New Jersey Division of Taxation will take legal action to collect the money they're owed. They can:

  • Charge you interest and tax penalties for your past-due tax bill
  • Put a tax lien on your property, preventing you from selling it or refinancing loans until the debt has been paid and the lien has been lifted
  • Damage your credit by reporting the tax lien to the credit bureaus
  • Garnish your paycheck and use the money to pay down your tax debt
  • Impose a tax levy on your assets—such as your home and car—allowing them to seize and sell the property

The government is likely to take all of these actions if you ignore your past-due tax bills. But a New Jersey tax lawyer can help you explore your legal options and find a tax relief solution.

How Can a New Jersey Tax Relief Attorney Help You?

Although you can try to solve your tax debt problem yourself, there are several reasons to consider hiring a New Jersey tax relief attorney.

Your lawyer will have spent years in school studying the federal and New Jersey tax laws. He or she will also take regular refresher courses to stay abreast of changes in the tax code. And your New Jersey tax debt attorney will have represented hundreds or even thousands of clients facing similar tax debt problems. This experience all works to your benefit, allowing your attorney to help you find the best solution to your tax debt problem.

Dealing with the government can be stressful—particularly when the topic is taxes. But when you hire a New Jersey tax relief lawyer, you're hiring someone who can deal with the government on your behalf. No more sitting on hold when you call to speak to someone at the IRS. No more confusing letters and applications. Your attorney can handle the complicated paperwork and frustrating phone calls for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Tax Debt

I can't afford to pay my tax debt. What are my options?

If you don't have the money to pay your back taxes, you may be eligible for a few possible solutions.

One of the most common is the installment payment plan, which allows you to pay off your tax debt in affordable monthly payments. Realize, however, that you'll still be charged interest and fines, which can add up quickly. Most people try to pay off their tax debt as quickly as possible to avoid these penalties.

If you face serious financial hardship as a result of your tax debt, you may be eligible for penalty abatement or an offer in compromise. With penalty abatement, some or all of your tax penalties are waived though you'll still have to pay the back taxes. An offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe.

The government has other types of hardship assistance for which you may qualify.

Can I simply file for bankruptcy and get rid of my tax debt?

In some circumstances, you may be able to discharge your tax debt in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To qualify, you must meet very specific requirements. Your New Jersey tax debt lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer can review your situation to determine if personal bankruptcy is an option.

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