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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Nevada

Millions of Americans owe billions of dollars in delinquent federal and state taxes. If you owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or Nevada Department of Taxation, you may be tempted to ignore the tax bills and hope the government eventually forgets your tax debt. But that's unlikely to happen. Instead, consider hiring a Nevada tax attorney to find a solution to your back tax problem.

Taxpayers who fail to pay taxes on or before the due date can expect:

  • To receive a tax bill from the IRS and/or Nevada Department of Taxation. If you haven't filed a tax return, the government will estimate what you owe and add in interest charges and late-payment fines.
  • If you owe $10,000 or more and ignore your tax bills for long enough, the IRS will place a tax lien on your home, car and other valuable assets you own. You'll be unable to sell the property while the tax lien is in place, and it's normally only removed after you've paid your federal or Nevada tax debt. You can also expect the government to report the tax lien to the credit bureaus, which will add it to your credit report, making it more difficult or expensive to obtain new loans or credit cards.
  • Taxpayers who continue to ignore tax bills will then be hit with a tax levy, which authorizes the government to confiscate and sell your property, and use the proceeds to pay down your tax debt. You can lose your house, motor vehicle, jewelry and artwork. The government can also garnish your paycheck, intercept your Social Security payments and seize your bank accounts.

Legally, the government has 10 years in which it can collect on an unpaid tax debt. (This is known as the statute of limitations). Your Nevada tax lawyer can help calculate when the statute of limitations on your delinquent taxes runs out.

Find & Hire a Nevada Tax Debt Attorney

Rather than running from the government, why not try to tackle your tax problems head on? A Nevada tax debt lawyer can review your tax bill and tax returns, analyze your financial situation and help you find a workable tax relief solution.

When you hire a Nevada tax relief attorney, you're hiring someone who has spent years studying federal and Nevada tax laws, and will have worked with countless clients just like you. You benefit from your attorney's education and experience. A Nevada tax relief lawyer can be your trusted advisor, tireless advocate and guide through the maze of tax relief options.

Ready to hire an attorney and start solving your tax debt problem? Congratulations! You've made a smart decision. Your next task it to find and hire a local Nevada tax debt lawyer—and has a fast and free service that can assist you. After answering a few easy questions, we'll match you with a tax attorney in your area. Simply complete the form on this page or call us at 877-913-7222 today.