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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Montana

Don't spend your life trying to dodge the tax man. If you owe delinquent taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or Montana Department of Revenue, tax relief solutions are available. A Montana tax attorney can help you explore options to help rid yourself of tax debt.

Most tax relief solutions fall into a few categories:

  • Get rid of the debt altogether: Not surprisingly, this is difficult but not impossible. In certain circumstances you may be able to discharge your tax debt through personal bankruptcy. Or if your current or ex-spouse is responsible for your tax debt, you may be able to get some or all of the liability transferred to him or her. Your Montana tax lawyer can explain the eligibility requirements for both of these solutions in more detail.
  • Reduce your tax bill: If paying your tax bill would cause a serious financial hardship and if your tax bill isn't the result of fraud or tax evasion, then there are a couple ways to get your tax bill reduced. You can apply for penalty abatement, which erases the late fees and interest charges, or an offer in compromise, which allows you to settle your tax bill for less than the total amount owed. Your Montana tax relief attorney can also review your tax bill and past tax returns. If you've been assessed too much tax, your attorney can help you get the tax returns and tax bill corrected and reduced.
  • Take more time to pay your delinquent taxes: If your tax bill is accurate but you simply can't afford to pay the bill all at once, you can apply to pay your taxes gradually using an installment payment plan. This allows you to pay down your tax debt on a monthly basis.

Your Montana tax debt attorney can review these options with you in more detail, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, and help you pick the option that's best for you.

Find & Hire a Montana Tax Debt Lawyer

It's tempting to try to ignore the IRS and Montana Department of Revenue in hopes that they eventually forget about your tax debt or give up on collection efforts. That's unlikely to happen. Instead, why not tackle your delinquent taxes head on? And a Montana tax relief lawyer can be your ally, guide and advisor throughout the process.

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