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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Massachusetts

Do you owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or the Massachusetts Department of Revenue? A Massachusetts tax attorney can help you understand your legal options and create a plan to pay your tax debt.

Ignoring your tax debt problem will only make matters worse. The government will take legal action against you in an attempt to collect what it is owed. The government can:

  • Add tax penalties to your tax bill, including late payment fines and interest charges
  • Garnish your wages and Social Security income, and seize any subsequent tax refunds to which you are entitled
  • Impose a tax lien on your property, including your car, home and other things of value. A lien is a type of legal claim that's made when there's an unpaid debt. Before you can sell or dispose of your assets, you'll have to pay your tax debt to get the lien removed.
  • Report the tax liens to the credit bureaus, making it more expensive—or even impossible—to get a car loan, mortgage or credit card
  • Impose a tax levy, allowing the government to seize your property and sell it to satisfy your tax debt.

If you ignore tax notices from the IRS and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, they can and will take these legal actions against you. Before this happens, you should speak to a Massachusetts tax lawyer to learn about the available tax relief solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Debt

I can't afford to pay my tax bill right now. What are my options?

If you're unable to pay your entire tax bill in a lump-sum payment, you may apply to pay off your tax debt in monthly installments. Your Massachusetts tax debt attorney can help you analyze your finances and determine how much you can afford to pay on a monthly basis.

Interest charges and fines will continue to accrue until your tax debt is paid in full. For this reason, you should try to pay your tax bill as quickly as possible.

If you are unable to pay your bill because of a serious financial hardship, the government will consider waiving the interest charges and late fees. This is known as penalty abatement.

Can I settle my tax debt for less than the full amount that is owed?

In some instances, the IRS will accept partial payment for your tax bill and waive the remainder that is owed. This is known as an offer in compromise. However, certain conditions must be met to be eligible for an OIC:

  • You cannot be in bankruptcy, and
  • There must be a reasonable doubt as to whether you actually owe the full amount you've been charged, or
  • The IRS must believe it will be unable to collect the full amount that is owed, or
  • You must persuade the IRS that full payment of your tax debt will cause a serious financial hardship

Can't I get rid of my tax debt by filing for personal bankruptcy?

Only in limited circumstances can tax debt be discharged in personal bankruptcy. Your Massachusetts tax debt lawyer can examine your particular situation to determine if your tax debt would qualify. Even if you can discharge your tax debt in bankruptcy, you'll want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages to filing for consumer bankruptcy, since it can cause long-lasting damage to your credit.

Why do I need to hire a Massachusetts tax relief attorney to resolve my tax issues?

You are not legally required to hire an attorney, but a Massachusetts tax relief lawyer offers many advantages over the do-it-yourself model. A tax lawyer will have spent years studying federal and Massachusetts tax laws. In addition, your attorney will have the experience of previously representing clients facing problems just like yours. If you've ever called the IRS or read tax documents, you know that it's a confusing topic. When you hire a Massachusetts tax attorney to solve your tax debt problem, the lawyer will guide you through the process, explain things clearly and take the time to answer your questions. Finally, dealing with taxes and the government can be stressful—and mistakes can be costly. Wouldn't you prefer the peace of mind that comes with hiring an experienced Massachusetts tax lawyer?

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