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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Kentucky

If you owe delinquent taxes to the federal government or state of Kentucky, you'll be aggressively pursued to pay those taxes. The government rarely gives up on collection efforts, so you should instead talk to a Kentucky tax attorney to develop a plan for paying your tax debt.

Frequent Asked Questions About Federal & Kentucky Tax Debt

I can't afford to pay my entire tax bill. What are my options?

You have several legal options.

You may be able to get your tax bill reduced if your tax has been improperly calculated or if paying the entire bill would cause serious financial hardship. Discuss with your Kentucky tax lawyer whether you're eligible for a penalty abatement (which erases interest charges and fines), an offer in compromise (which allows you to settle your bill for less than the full amount) or a tax appeal (which allows you to challenge the accuracy of your tax bill).

Alternately, you can apply to pay off your tax debt over time using what's known as an installment payment plan.

Can't I just file for personal bankruptcy and wipe out my tax debt?

There are very specific requirements for discharging tax debt in bankruptcy. Your Kentucky tax debt attorney or personal bankruptcy lawyer can discuss the eligibility requirements in more detail, but among the requirements:

  • Only income tax debt is eligible
  • The debt must be for a tax return that is at least three years old
  • You must have filed the tax return at least two years prior to filing for bankruptcy
  • The Internal Revenue Service must have billed you for the delinquent taxes at least 240 days prior to your bankruptcy filing

I just learned the government placed a tax lien on my home. What does that mean?

A tax lien is a type of legal claim that a creditor makes against a piece of property, such as real estate or a motor vehicle. The lien remains attached to the property until your tax debt is paid. While the lien is in place, you'll be unable to sell the property or refinance any loans against the property. A tax lien is one of the tools the government uses to persuade delinquent taxpayers to pay their tax debt.

How long can the government pursue me for my tax debt?

The IRS and Kentucky Department of Revenue have 10 years to legally collect on unpaid taxes. This is known as the statute of limitations. Your Kentucky tax relief attorney can help you calculate exactly when the statute of limitations runs out on your tax debt.

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