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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Hawaii

Do you owe a tax debt to the federal government or state of Hawaii? Don't run from your tax problems. Instead, hire a Hawaii tax attorney to help you find a tax relief solution.

Reasons to Hire a Hawaii Tax Debt Attorney

There are a few advantages to working with a Hawaii tax lawyer:

  • Your lawyer is experienced: Your attorney will have spent years studying the federal and Hawaii tax code. Additionally, your lawyer will have represented dozens of clients with tax problems similar to yours. That experience works to your advantage as you and your attorney work to resolve your tax issues.
  • Your lawyer will work with the government on your behalf: You'll no longer have to sit on hold waiting to talk to an Internal Revenue Service representative. No more trying to decipher confusing letters from the Hawaii Department of Taxation. Instead, your attorney will deal directly with the government on your behalf.
  • Thorough understanding of tax relief solutions: Your Hawaii tax relief attorney will analyze your finances and your past tax returns to find the tax debt solution that works best for you. No more guesswork, no more worrying that someone else might be getting a better deal.

Consequences of Tax Debt

Many people may be tempted to ignore government tax bills or try to outrun the tax collector. But the government has a lot attorneys and a slew of legal tools in its arsenal. Chances are they will successfully collect your tax debt.

If you fail to pay your taxes by the due date, you'll receive a tax bill that details the estimated or actual amount you owe. You'll also be assessed tax penalties in the form of interest charges and late-payment penalties.

Next, the government will place a tax lien on your home, car and other items of value. The lien is a type of legal claim that prevents you from selling the asset until the debt has been repaid and the lien is lifted. The lien will also be reported to credit bureaus, which will include it on your credit report, likely lowering your credit score.

Finally, the government will impose a tax levy on your property. The levy authorizes the government to seize your valuables—such as your bank account, paycheck, house and automobile—and sell them to pay your tax debt.

Find & Hire a Hawaii Tax Debt Lawyer

Rather than let the government confiscate your property, work with a Hawaii tax debt lawyer to solve your unpaid tax problem. If you're ready to get started, can help you find and hire a lawyer—and there's no cost for using our service. Simply call us at


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