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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Washington, D.C.

If you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service or District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue, the government legally has about 10 years in which to collect those back taxes. And make no mistake—the government will aggressively try to collect your tax debt. Rather than trying to run from the law, instead consider talking to a Washington, D.C., tax attorney to learn about potential solutions to your tax debt problem.

The IRS and District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue have several programs in place designed to help taxpayers deal with tax debt.

Individuals who can't afford to pay their tax debt in a lump-sum payment can apply to gradually pay down their debt through an installment payment plan. This allows you to make manageable monthly payments toward your federal or DC tax debt.

If you think your tax bill is incorrect, your Washington, D.C., tax lawyer can work with the government on your behalf to get the bill corrected or appeal any tax rulings that led to your tax debt. Alternately, you can apply for an offer in compromise, which allows you to settle your tax bill for less than the total amount you owe.

Taxpayers who face serious financial hardship as a result of their tax debt may be eligible for several programs designed to ease the burden. Offers in compromise are also available to people who cannot afford to pay their entire tax bill, or if the government thinks it would be unable to collect the full amount you owe. You may also be eligible for a penalty abatement, which removes any interest and penalties that have been added to your tax bill.

Your Washington, D.C., tax relief attorney can review your financial situation and your past tax returns to determine the tax relief solutions for which you qualify. Your lawyer can then walk you through the pros and cons of each option, and help you determine which choice is right for you.

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