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IRS Tax Debt Relief in California

There are serious consequences for California residents who fail to pay the taxes they owe to the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board. Interest and penalties will be assessed on your unpaid federal and California tax debt, and the agencies may seize your property to pay what you owe. However, a California tax attorney may be able to help you find debt relief.

Reasons to Consider Tax Resolutions Services

The IRS and State of California Franchise Tax Board have several tools at their disposal to help them collect your unpaid tax debt. They can:

  • Place a tax lien on your property, such as your house or car, that prevents you from selling the asset before first resolving your tax troubles.
  • Use a tax levy to seize your assets, including bank accounts and your paycheck, to immediately pay down your tax debt.

In addition, interest and penalties are added to any tax that isn't paid by the date it was due. These fines can quickly add up, so it's in your best interest to discuss tax debt reduction strategies with a to California tax attorneys.

How Can a California Tax Attorney Help You?

When you meet with a California tax lawyer, the attorney will review your recent tax returns as well as any letters you've received from the IRS and Franchise Tax Board. The attorney will also want to know if you've made any payments toward your IRS debt, when those payments were made and how much you paid.

Finally, a California tax attorney will need to understand your current financial situation. What assets do you own? What is your annual salary? What are your regular expenses? How much could you afford to pay toward your federal and California tax debt in a single lump sum? How much could you afford to pay on a monthly basis?

Once your California tax lawyer has an accurate picture of your situation, he or she will review your tax resolution options.

For example, your attorney may suggest an installment plan, which provides tax debt relief over a period of time. If you have enough cash on hand, your California tax attorney may be able to make an offer in compromise, which allows you to settle with the IRS and Franchise Tax board for less than you actually owe in unpaid taxes, fines and penalties. Because your California debt lawyer knows the tax laws and understands your tax debt as well as your financial situation, he or she can suggest which option is right for you, and will negotiate a tax debt relief solution that's right for you.

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