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IRS Tax Debt Relief in Alaska

Do you owe back taxes to the federal government or state of Alaska? If so, you can expect to be the target of aggressive collection efforts until you've paid what the government thinks you owe. But an Alaska tax attorney can help you explore tax relief solutions that enable you to pay what you can afford at a manageable pace.

Potential solutions include:

  • Paying your federal and Alaska taxes on a monthly installment plan
  • Negotiating a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service and/or the Alaska Department of Revenue that allows you to pay less than your total tax debt
  • Getting a corrected tax bill if you've been overcharged or if you are appealing a tax ruling that adversely affected you
  • Lowering or entirely removing your tax debt burden if your spouse or ex-spouse bears the sole responsibility for your tax debt
  • Discharging your tax debt through personal bankruptcy

Your Alaska tax lawyer can explain these and other options to you in more detail.

If you instead choose to ignore IRS and Alaskan tax bills, you can expect interest and penalties to be added to your unpaid taxes. The government may prevent you from selling your property (known as a tax lien) or may seize your assets—including your home, car and paycheck—to satisfy your tax bill.

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