Sports & Entertainment Law
You're not just a professional athlete--you're a business. A sports & entertainment lawyer can help you with the legal aspects of your life.
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Sports & Entertainment Law
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Sports & Entertainment Law

A sports and entertainment lawyer is experienced in representing athletes, production companies, musicians, artists, and other clients in the entertainment industry. These licensed attorneys are familiar with concerns that are unique to the sports and entertainment business and strive to provide you with ongoing service before, during, and after contract negotiations to maintain a strong lawyer-client relationship throughout your career.

Whether representing the athlete, the musician, or other artists, sports and entertainment attorneys are adept at contract negotiation, sales, and aggressively promoting your interests. A sports and entertainment attorney can counsel the novice entertainer or athlete as well as the veteran star. As you rise within the profession, sports and entertainment contracts may involve large amounts of money and complex issues. Given the travel demands and rigorous schedule of the career, it is important to have an attorney who can look out for your interests, update you on progress, and accommodate your schedule when it may be difficult or impossible to be available.

Sports and Entertainment Attorneys Can Help Negotiation and Money Management

A knowlegeable sports and entertainment attorney may help negotiate:

  • Employment and endorsement contracts
  • Film agreements, consignment of artwork, distribution rights, and author agreements
  • Medical benefits
  • Contracts between sports agents and athletes
  • Music licensing agreements
  • Merchandising and distribution contracts

Additionally, a sports and entertainment attorney may assist agents, artists, and athletes by recommending experts in money management. Counsel on the legal implications of various money management strategies, including tax issues, are important to your security and career.

Experience in Intellectual Property Matters

Sports and entertainment attorneys typically have experience in intellectual property matters involving:

  • Copyright issues
  • Trademark infringements
  • Broadcast licensing issues

Do not sign a contract without protecting your interests. Contact a sports and entertainment attorney who might read contracts, identify and counsel you on troublesome clauses, make recommendations, and may negotiate more favorable terms.