Securities Law & Stock Fraud
A securities lawyer can help with IPOs, SEC filings and investor rights, as well as allegations of stock fraud and broker misconduct.
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Securities Law & Stock Fraud
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Securities Law & Stock Fraud

Investing is, by its very nature, a risky business. No matter what the situation may be, you always run the risk of losing a decent amount of money when you participate in the stock market or in other forms of investing. There are many regulations in place to protect investors from unscrupulous brokers and other people who may try to mislead them for their own financial gain. Most famously, Blue Sky Laws are on the books and regulate the sale and offering of securities in order to protect the general public from stock fraud. Despite that, stock fraud remains one of the most common kinds of white collar crime today.

Are You A Victim Of Stock Fraud?

All too often, people who lose a lot of money on the stock market feel that they have been victimized and want to fight back. Losing money isn't, in and of itself, a legitimate reason to pursue action against the Securities Exchange Commission - or SEC. Knowing how to tell the difference between fraud and simply making poor choices is important; check below for additional pointers.

  • If you have engaged in the sale of stock but feel that you have been taken advantage of in some way, you could run the scenario by an experienced securities law attorney to get his or her take on it. If he or she sees merit in your claims, you could pursue a stock fraud lawsuit.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the various statues that regulate the stock market is a great way to avoid being taken for a ride. Before you invest a single penny, you should read up on SEC regulations.
  • Prior to getting too involved in the stock market, you should track down an experienced stock fraud lawyer. Should something go awry, you'll have a professional at the ready to assist you.