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Wyoming Residential Real Estate

Many homeowners who reside in Wyoming today consider their personal residences to be the single most important financial purchase they will make. These proud and prudent property owners are willing to undertake significant measures to safeguard their valuable real estate holdings, and this is especially true when it comes to buying and selling residential real estate in Wyoming.

What Does a Residential Real Estate Attorney Handle?

Residential real estate attorneys practicing in Wyoming regularly represent buyers and sellers, as well as real estate brokerage firms, in all types of residential real estate transactions. This area of legal practice often includes such tasks as:

  • Negotiation, drafting, and amending of purchase and sale agreements
  • Analyzing and reviewing mortgage products
  • Reviewing and drafting easements
  • Drafting deeds
  • Preparing disclosure statements

Wyoming homeowners and prospective homeowners routinely call upon real estate attorneys to litigate claims concerning residential real estate, such as:

  • Quiet title actions
  • Adverse possession matters
  • Boundary dispute claims
  • Property legal description actions
  • Disputes between neighbors
  • Homeowners’ association matters

Wyoming-based real estate lawyers also capably handle landlord-tenant matters, which may include the drafting of residential leases, negotiation and litigation of lease hold-over matters, unlawful detainer actions, and forcible entry matters.

What Should I Look for in a Residential Real Estate Lawyer?

Wyoming homeowners and prospective homeowners should concentrate their searches for residential real estate lawyers on practitioners with experience in the residential marketplace and with conducting residential settlements or closings. It should not be difficult in Wyoming to readily identify several viable candidates since many local attorneys focus their practices entirely in the area of real estate, and in particular, on the narrower field of residential real estate transactions.

Below are some examples of inquiries to make of potential residential real estate legal providers in Wyoming:

  • Do attorneys take part in closings?
  • Do attorneys prepare the documents associated with closings?
  • Is the attorney you are working with a contract or full-time attorney?
  • Is the party you are working with an agent, a notary, or other type of non-attorney professional?
  • Is the lawyer an approved closing agent for Wyoming’s larger mortgage lenders?
  • Is the lawyer a title insurance agent for major title insurance companies who do business in Wyoming?
  • Is the lawyer a preferred title insurance agent with major title insurance companies in Wyoming?
  • Are the lawyer’s fees for closing competitive in Wyoming's market?
  • What is the time period required for the lawyer to obtain a refinance?
  • What is the time period required for the lawyer to finalize a reverse mortgage?
  • What is the time period required for the lawyer to conduct a standard residential real estate purchase?

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A Wyoming residential real estate lawyer represents both buyers and sellers throughout the transaction and in subsequent litigation, if necessary. They draft, review, analyze, negotiate, and amend real estate contracts and other documents every day to ensure that clients’ rights, interests, and legal claims are protected under state real property and real estate laws. These thorough, detail-oriented lawyers help clients resolve issues that can arise in Wyoming residential real estate transactions, such as during the title search process; with property, tax, judgment, and other liens; or when costly repairs are needed after a home inspection reveals serious defects. Call now to speak with a residential real estate attorney in Wyoming at 877-913-7222.