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Vermont Residential Real Estate

For many New England homeowners who call Vermont their home state, their personal homes are their biggest single purchases and investments in life. It is both logical and natural that these proud and invested homeowners are prone to safeguard the value of these holdings and large personal assets. This edict holds particularly true during challenging economic times, such as in the aftermath of the housing markets recent collapse.

Partnering with Real Estate Agents and Attorneys

The outlook is anything but dim in the residential real estate market. Property owners do not have to navigate the risky, costly maze of real estate transactions solo. Instead, there are a plethora of capable, competent, and qualified attorneys available locally who are ready and willing to aid clients as they tackle the home acquisition and ownership process for the first time or on a repeat occasion. These lawyers regularly face a large volume of residential real estate transactions and have invaluable exposure and experience to generously offer their grateful clients.

Real Estate Agents and Residential Real Estate Attorneys Warn of Missteps

Residential real estate professionals, such as lawyers and real estate agents, regularly counsel prospective home-buying clients on things to avoid when entering the local housing market. Some of those missteps may not be obvious or apparent to a novice to the real estate field. Yet, they are nevertheless extremely helpful to review and heed. A few of those valuable warnings about what to avoid before making a home purchase include:

  • Do not move money.
  • Do not change jobs.
  • Do not make major purchases.

Sudden and erratic financial movements, such as moving money between accounts, on the eve of a home purchase look suspect and questionable to banks, mortgage lenders, and other creditors. Likewise, changing jobs and losing the benefit of continuity in employment history is damaging when securing financing and being evaluated by mortgage and other lenders. And making large purchases prior to securing a mortgage, such as a room or more of furnishings, large vacation, car, or expensive jewelry, can also raise red flags. Prospective lenders will scrutinize and review your debt-to-income ratios and payments you make for vehicles, credit cards, and rent or mortgage. The last thing a conservative mortgage lender in challenging economic times wants to see is a borrower who has experienced a rise in income but has rapidly accumulated personal property and consumer goods with that increased disposable income.

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A Vermont residential real estate attorney represents buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers pre-sale, during a sale, post-sale, and in any subsequent litigation stemming from problematic or failed home purchase transactions. A local residential real estate lawyer in Vermont can compassionately and competently guide clients through the maze of buy-sell transactions and all of the accompanying financial risks.  Call now to speak with a residential real estate attorney based in Vermont at 877-913-7222.