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Ohio Residential Real Estate

For many homeowners residing in Ohio today, their homes are their largest single financial purchases and investments in life. As such, it is not surprising that the majority of property owners are willing to undertake great measures to protect, preserve, and safeguard this major life asset and investment. When it comes to buying and selling residential real estate in Ohio, especially in the current climate of economic downturn, these perspectives surface perhaps even more acutely.

What Should I Seek in an Ohio Residential Real Estate Lawyer or Firm?

Ohio homeowners should focus their search for residential real estate lawyers or law firms on those candidates who have experience in the residential marketplace and in conducting those types of closings. Many law firms specialize in residential real estate law and have thousands of closings under their belts for billions of dollars in mortgage loans with dozens of lenders. For this reason, it is not hard to find attorneys and law firms based in Ohio with decades or more of experience in this field.

It may also be prudent to make some of the following inquiries of the potential residential real estate legal providers in Ohio with whom you initially consult, prior to selecting a lawyer and/or firm to ultimately retain:

  • Is the law firm or lawyer a preferred or approved closing agent for Ohio's larger mortgage lenders?
  • Are the law firm's or lawyer's fees for closing cost-effective and competitive in the local marketplace in Ohio?
  • Is the law firm or lawyer a title insurance agent for major title insurance companies who do business in Ohio?
  • Is the law firm or lawyer a preferred title insurance agent with the major title insurance companies operating in Ohio?
  • What is the time period required for the lawyer or law firm to conduct a refinance?
  • What is the time period required for the lawyer or law firm to conduct a reverse mortgage?
  • What is the time period required for the lawyer or law firm to conduct a standard residential real estate purchase?
  • Do the attorneys themselves take part in the closings?
  • Do attorneys prepare all of the documents associated with closings?
  • Is the attorney you are working with a contract or part-time attorney?
  • Is the party you are working with a non-attorney, notary, or other type of non-attorney professional?

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Ohio residential real estate attorneys represent clients from pre-sale to closing and beyond should any subsequent litigation arise from a sale. These lawyers help clients resolve challenges and pitfalls that arise in Ohio residential real estate transactions, such as during the title search; with property, tax, and other liens; or when repairs are needed after a problematic home inspection reveals serious defects in need of costly repairs. Call now to speak with a residential real estate lawyer in Ohio at 877-913-7222.