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Missouri Residential Real Estate

Without a doubt, our private homes are often our biggest purchases and investments in life. So, it stands to reason that it is both logical and natural that we would want to safeguard those assets and their values. In buying and selling real estate transactions in the residential arena, many Missouri homeowners find that partnering with a local real estate agent and residential real estate lawyer dramatically helps them to navigate the real estate process.

Legal Services From Missouri Real Estate Lawyers

On a daily basis, Missouri-based residential real estate attorneys advise clients (both buyers and sellers) in all aspects and phases of transactions for private and/or investment residences. This legal representation typically commences at the negotiation of terms phase, in conjunction with the assistance of a local real estate agent, and progresses through the closing or settlement stage. In fact, it may involve advocacy on behalf of the client during post-closing litigation over construction defects, boundaries, easements, rights-of-way, restrictive covenants, fraud, misrepresentation, and/or disputes between neighbors or with the homeowners' association. These lawyers regularly prepare all documents required in Missouri to consummate a real estate deal, such as buy-sell agreements, warranties, notes, mortgages, disclosures, deeds, and financing instruments.

What Are the Areas of Practice for Missouri Real Estate Attorneys?

In addition, Missouri residential real estate attorneys have a wealth of experience, confidence, comfort, and a vast knowledge base acquired through routinely handling the following types of matters related to real estate transactions:

  • Liens
  • Clouds on title
  • Escrow duties
  • Short sales and defects in them
  • Foreclosures and defects in them
  • Legal proceedings entailed to conduct foreclosures
  • Eminent domain
  • Condemnation
  • Duties of real estate agents
  • Easements
  • Boundaries
  • Covenants
  • Encroachment
  • Access
  • Zoning
  • Land use
  • Development
  • Homeowners' associations
  • Surveys
  • Problems with legal descriptions for property

Fortunately, residential real estate lawyers practicing in Missouri are readily available and qualified to assist clients in need with the resolution of these types of matters. After all, it is the mutual goal of attorney and client that the impacted real estate transactions proceed to closing in a normal, uninterrupted manner.

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Missouri residential real estate lawyers represent clients pre-sale, during the sale, post-sale, and in subsequent litigation that springs from the sale and/or purchase of a home or investment property. These attorneys regularly and routinely review, analyze, negotiate, and amend real estate contracts to make certain their clients' best interests are preserved and protected under local real property and real estate laws. Likewise, they help clients in need to address challenges or pitfalls that arise, such as during the title search process; with property, tax, judgment, or other liens; or when repairs are needed after a problematic home inspection reveals costly defects. A Missouri-based residential real estate lawyer walks alongside the client in navigating the entire real estate transaction and works in tandem, collaborating with other real estate professionals, including real estate agents, home inspectors, home appraisers, and title examiners. Call now to speak with a residential real estate attorney in Missouri at 877-913-7222.