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Minnesota Residential Real Estate

To many Americans, their personal residence is their biggest financial investment. So it is not surprising that property-owners in Minnesota, as well as in other states, seek to fiercely protect the value of such a large single asset. During the course of residential real estate transactions, whether buying or selling, many Minnesota homeowners find that partnering with a realtor and a residential real estate lawyer helps them navigate the real estate transaction from start to finish; circumvent challenges, pitfalls, and issues that arise throughout the process; and ultimately maximize their return on investment for their homes.

Real Estate Professionals in Minnesota Caution Homebuyers to Avoid Common Missteps

Residential real estate professionals in Minnesota, such as lawyers and real estate agents, routinely offer tips to potential homebuyer clients on actions they should avoid when they want to enter the local residential real estate marketplace:

  • Avoid last-minute changes in employment. Changing jobs and losing the benefit of continuity in an employment record is damaging when attempting to secure financing from mortgage lenders.
  • Avoid moving money between accounts, banks, assets, or investments. Sudden, erratic movements on the eve of a home purchase appear suspect to mortgage lenders.
  • Avoid major purchases, such as rooms of furnishings, large vacations, cars, or expensive jewelry. Prospective lenders carefully review debt-to-income ratios and payments you make regularly for items like vehicles, credit cards, rent, or mortgage.

How Can a Minnesota Residential Real Estate Attorney Help in My Foreclosure?

Minnesota residential real estate lawyers provide counsel to lenders and homeowners alike in foreclosures. Some firms may focus on one side of the transaction and represent a particular constituency, while other firms will represent all types of parties in such transactions. Initial inquiries can be made by phone, email, Internet, or through an in-person consultation to clarify the parties a firm or lawyer represents in foreclosure actions.

Foreclosures are complicated legal proceedings. Minnesota homeowners facing them need to find and partner with a local law firm that addresses each and every procedural requirement of such actions, in hopes of defeating them, delaying the process for a homeowner to be evicted from a residence, or even reclaiming the subject property for the homeowner if the foreclosure sale is conducted in an unlawful manner by the mortgage lender or its counsel.

When representing a mortgage lender, a residential law firm needs to meet all procedural requirements in the process to make sure that the foreclosure sale is completely validly and legally, without potential bases for objection. In Minnesota, a lender party involved in a foreclosure proceeding can expect to undertake these steps as part of the overall process if that lender seeks to reclaim the impacted property:

  • Identification of all property owners
  • Notification to all property owners
  • Producing relevant provisions in mortgage documents and loan documents that provide the legal basis for the foreclosure relief sought
  • Reviewing those same provisions
  • Publishing notice of the foreclosure sale in the required manner (time, place, and date of sale in major local publications with significant circulation and readership)
  • Submitting proof to the court of actions taken in the process in accordance with legal and contractual term requirements

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A Minnesota residential real estate attorney advocates for clients, whether buyers or sellers, pre-sale, during a sale, post-sale, and in any subsequent litigation stemming from the sale of a residence. These real estate attorneys readily and efficiently draft, review, analyze, negotiate, and amend contracts and documents to make sure your legal rights are aggressively protected under real estate and real property laws of Minnesota. Likewise, they help you address issues that might arise during the transaction, such as during the title search process, with property, tax, judgment, and other liens, or when repairs are needed after a problematic home inspection reveals serious, costly defects. A Minnesota-based residential real estate attorney guides clients in the navigation of a real estate transaction, while working in tandem with realtors, home inspectors, appraisers, and title examiners in offering a full panoply of real estate services to clients. Call now to speak with a residential real estate attorney in Minnesota at 877-913-7222.