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Massachusetts Residential Real Estate

For many homeowners in Massachusetts, a home is the largest financial investment in life. So it is not surprising how diligent homeowners are about wanting to secure this precious asset and maximize its value. When it comes to buying and selling residential real estate, having a Massachusetts residential real estate attorney in your corner can give you an edge from pre-sale to closing and even beyond.

Should I Partner with a Residential Realtor and/or Real Estate Lawyer in My Transaction?

During Massachusetts residential real estate transactions, a majority of homeowners express that their choice to partner with a realtor and/or a residential real estate lawyer helped them effectively and efficiently navigate the real estate transaction much more smoothly. Likewise, they report with satisfaction that they were equally better equipped to tackle the challenges, pitfalls, traps, and issues that arose during the course of transaction, whether predicted or unanticipated. Plus, these homeowners, with the help of real estate professionals, were able to work to proactively maximize their return on investment for their respective properties.

Clearly, residential real estate lawyers in Massachusetts bring volumes of experience, knowledge, education, training, and legal acumen to the entirety of the home ownership process, from pre-purchase to purchase, ownership, sale, and post-sale. At the very least, homeowners or prospective buyers would probably best serve their legal and financial interests by initially consulting with one or more local realtors and residential real estate attorneys about their specific contemplated real estate transactions before attempting to tackle such matters without competent professional assistance.

What Should I Look for in a Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyer or Firm?

Massachusetts homeowners should focus their search for residential real estate lawyers or law firms in the state on those who have experience in the residential marketplace and in conducting that particular type of closing. In fact, many firms specialize in that one area of law and have thousands of closings under their belts for billions in mortgage loans.

It may also be helpful to keep considerations such as these in mind as you narrow your search for potential residential real estate legal providers in Massachusetts:

  • Is the law firm or lawyer a title insurance agent for major title insurance companies who do business in the state? (The major title insurance companies operating in Massachusetts include, but are not limited to, First American, Fidelity National Title, Old Republic Title, Stewart Title, and Lawyer's Title.)
  • Is the law firm or lawyer a preferred title insurance agent in terms of the status held with the major title insurance companies?
  • Is the law firm or lawyer a preferred or approved closing agent for the state's large mortgage lenders?
  • Are the law firm or lawyer's fees for closing or settlement cost-effective and competitive in the local marketplace?
  • Are any services or documentation provided by the law firm or lawyer complimentary to clients or prospective clients?
  • Are any complimentary services by the law firm or lawyer bundled with purchased legal services for clients?
  • What is the time period required for a refinance?
  • What is the time period required for a reverse mortgage?
  • What is the time period required for a purchase?
  • Do attorneys conduct the closings?
  • Do attorneys prepare all of the documents associated with the closing?
  • Is the attorney you are working with a contract or part-time attorney?
  • Is the party you are working with a non-attorney, notary, or other type of professional?
  • Does the law firm or lawyer use technology effectively and efficiently in residential real estate transactions?
  • Does the law firm or lawyer offer electronic or paperless closing services?

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Massachusetts residential real estate attorneys represent clients through all aspects of real estate transactions. These real estate lawyers review, analyze, negotiate, and amend real estate contracts, documents, and agreements to ensure their clients' best interests are safeguarded under applicable state real property and real estate laws. They routinely aid clients in addressing any challenges, pitfalls, or problems that arise in residential real estate transactions, such as during the title search, with property, tax, and other liens, or repairs needed after a home inspection uncovers serious and costly defects.

Residential real estate lawyers provide valuable counsel and insight throughout the phases of a real estate transaction and work closely with realtors, inspectors, appraisers, and title examiners to provide full-service to clients. Call now to speak with a residential real estate lawyer in Massachusetts at 877-913-7222.