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Florida Residential Real Estate

For many U.S. homeowners, including Floridians, their residences are often their biggest lifetime investments. As such, it is only logical that homeowners tend to vigilantly protect that asset and its value. In buying and selling residential real estate, many Florida residents discover that their decision to partner with a realtor and residential real estate attorney serves to help them accomplish several valuable goals. First, they are able to better navigate the real estate transaction process. Second, they can circumvent the challenges, pitfalls, and issues in the process. Third and finally, they can work to maximize their return on investment for their residences.

What Are the Components of a Florida Residential Real Estate Transaction?

In Florida, there are several distinct stages to a residential real estate purchase or sale transaction. Thus, the state's homeowners can anticipate undertaking the following key steps during the course of such a process:

  • The buyer and seller in a residential real estate transaction must sign a written land contract to complete the buy-sell transaction.
  • The buyer is afforded a specified time period to conduct a title search on the property and to obtain financing from a mortgage lender.
  • A closing is scheduled and conducted. In a Florida residential real estate closing, a real estate deed passes ownership from the seller to the buyer. The buyer pays the seller the purchase price, and the seller tenders the deed, keys, and legal ownership of the property to the buyer.
  • A record of the deed by the buyer or his or her representative (lawyer usually) is made.

What Roles Does a Residential Real Estate Attorney in Florida Play?

Residential real estate attorneys practicing in Florida bring varied legal skills to the table to assist their clients. For example, they help clients with the purchase process for real estate. These lawyers also guide clients through the maze of Florida real property and real estate law, particular with concern for impacts on real estate acquisitions. Real estate attorneys highlight alternatives, options, pitfalls, and disadvantages of potential real estate decisions for their clients. These counselors work to resolve title defects, if possible, on behalf of the client. They can likewise provide guidance to the client in the purchase of title insurance to safeguard a property buyer against title problems that can cause delays and quickly become costly.

What Can a Florida Homeowner Do to Help His or Her Realtor During the Sales Process?

Florida realtors teach that homeowners with the best odds of selling their homes quickly are those who work hand in hand with qualified real estate agents. How does a homeowner accomplish this objective? First, the homeowner must make certain that all home showings are coordinated through the realtor. This will ensure that things are not done through multiple sources in a disorganized, uncoordinated fashion. Second, if there is a brochure box at the dwelling, the homeowner must make sure that flyers, brochures, cards, and information are regularly stocked in it. Third, if a homeowner is approached by a prospective purchaser to discuss property details, specifics, or price negotiations, it is best to defer to a Florida real estate agent. After all, that real estate professional is hired for that exact purpose. He or she is further able to remove emotion and strong subjectivity from the equation and overall transaction.

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Florida residential real estate lawyers represent clients pre-sale, during the sale process, post-sale, and in the event of subsequent litigation arising from the sale and/or purchase of a house. They review, analyze, negotiate, and amend real estate contracts to ensure that clients' best interests and legal rights are adequately safeguarded, preserved, and protected. They can provide guidance to clients as they address challenges, pitfalls, or problems that develop, including through the title search process, with liens, or repairs needed if a problematic home inspection reveals serious, costly defects. A Florida-based residential real estate attorney can help in navigating the entire timeline of the real estate transaction and work in tandem with the other real estate professionals, such as realtors, home inspectors, appraisers, and title examiners. Call now to speak with a real estate attorney in Florida at 877-913-7222.