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Alabama Residential Real Estate

Because our homes are often our biggest single investment in life, we tend to safeguard the asset and become serious about decisions that potentially impact its value. In buying and selling transactions for residential real estate, many Alabama homeowners find that partnering with a realtor and a residential real estate attorney within the state help them to best navigate the process, its challenges, and difficulties, and to maximize their return on this large investment.

What Can an Alabama Buyer or Seller Expect During a Residential Real Estate Transaction?

The buyer and seller involved in an Alabama residential real estate transaction are required to sign a written land contract to complete the buy or sell transaction. Then, the buyer is allotted a certain time period to conduct a title search on the property and to obtain financing to facilitate the purchase. The next step is a closing. In an Alabama residential real estate closing, a real estate deed actually passes ownership from one party (seller) to the other (buyer). The buyer pays the seller the agreed-upon purchase price, and the seller tenders the deed, keys, and legal ownership of the property to the buyer. The last step is the recordation of the real estate deed by the buyer or his representative, which will likely be a residential real estate attorney practicing in Alabama.

Role of an Alabama Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Alabama residential real estate lawyers can offer much-needed legal assistance to homebuyers and sellers alike. These legal professionals play key roles throughout the real estate transaction, from pre-sale to post-sale.

Real estate attorneys in Alabama can assist parties in the reading, analysis, and comprehension of real estate contracts to make sure their legal and other property interests are adequately protected. They can take over the resolution of liens or other pressing issues that arise during real estate transactions to make sure properties are able to be conveyed free and clear. Attorneys can also help buyers rest assured that sellers' property titles are clear and legally sound. Real estate lawyers usually can recommend home inspectors for performing the required inspection pre-closing. In many instances, a residential real estate attorney or member of his or her legal team will attend the closing. Alabama attorneys and their teams make sure that all closing documents are completed and in proper form. In the event of problems, they can help troubleshoot and remove any obstacles to closing. Then, once closing is complete, they makes sure the recordation of property deeds is handled. Residential real estate attorneys in Alabama are equally adept at handling post-sale litigation, in areas such as product defects; border, boundary, easement, and right-of-way disputes; foreclosures; short sales; and contract preparation, negotiation, and amendment.

Role of a Residential Realtor in Alabama

Studies reveal that homeowners selling their homes with a realtor usually fare better in terms of sales price than those owners who sell their homes independently. Why is this? Because realtors work to help homeowners navigate pitfalls, legal traps, and tax issues, as well as to assist property owners in securing the highest possible sale price within the appropriate window of time. These residential real estate professionals bring much needed and welcomed objectivity to the table to help property owners take some of the emotion and closeness out of the home purchase and/or sales transaction, in case there are obstacles with regard to pricing, presentation, staging, contract negotiations, and repairs.

Recommendations for Homeowners Before Listing a Residence for Sale

Residential real estate professionals are quick to point out that once the decision to sell a home has been made, the work has just begun. Before a property is listed, is it imperative to condition the home and get it into great shape prior to the arrival of prospective buyer candidates at showings. Realtors with experience in the residential market make suggestions such as these that homeowners should consider prior to listing their homes for sale:

  • Paint the interior and exterior of the home, as needed. Perhaps, touch ups are all that are required.
  • Put in new carpeting or flooring if the existing flooring is worn, stained, dated in color, pattern, or type, or otherwise old.
  • Clean the front of the house and yard. Curb appeal and a strong first impression are crucial.
  • Spruce up the yard by edging, mulching, planting grass or installing sod, and adding plants, flowers, or shrubs.
  • Trim bushes, plants, and trees, as needed.
  • Keep the lawn well manicured (mow and trim on a regular cycle, such as weekly or every other week).
  • Rake and remove any leaves.
  • Remove any snow from walkways and drives.

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Alabama residential real estate lawyers represent clients pre-sale, during the sale process, post-sale, and in the event of subsequent litigation that may arise from the sale and/or purchase of a home. They can review, analyze, negotiate, and amend real estate contracts to ensure that your best interests are preserved and protected. They can help you address any challenges, pitfalls, or problems that arise, such as through the title search process, with liens, or repairs needed after a problematic home inspection. An Alabama-based residential real estate attorney can help you in navigating the entire timeline of the buy-sell real estate transaction and work in tandem with the other real estate professionals, such as realtors and title examiners. Call now to speak with a residential real estate attorney in Alabama at 877-913-7222.