Residential Real Estate
Looking to buy or sell a home? In most cases, real estate may be the biggest purchase of your lifetime. But, unfortunately, mistakes can be costly. A residential real estate attorney can help draft and review purchase agreements, mortgage paperwork and other real estate-related legal documents.
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Residential Real Estate
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Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate is usually an owner's biggest asset. However, the process of purchasing a home can be difficult, and even after the purchase is made, legal problems can occur. As a homeowner, you deserve a real estate attorney who can represent your interests from the moment you get that first twinkle in your eye excited to purchase the property until the time you decide to sell it.

Prior, During, and Post Sale

Prior to the sale of a home, a residential real estate attorney may:

  • Read your real estate contract and ensure that it is worded to protect your interest
  • Handle legal issues regarding any real estate liens or property interests that appear against the home
  • Assure that the seller has good and clear title to the property and
  • Provide recommendations for home inspection services, if needed

During the sale of a home, a real estate lawyer may:

  • Attend the closing
  • Ensure that all closing documents are properly signed and worded
  • Handle any problems that may occur on the date of closing
  • Provide counsel as to whether the closing should go forward if a problem occurs
  • Ensure that the deed is properly recorded

Post sale, an attorney may:

  • Handle litigation involving any defects in the property that the seller had a duty to expose, including those pertaining to exterior property, grounds, and driveways
  • Handle disputes regarding property borders
  • Draft lease agreements and prepare contracts
  • Handle foreclosures

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