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Utah Personal Injury

If you have experienced a personal injury due to an accident in Utah that was caused by another party, then you might be entitled to receive compensation. The legal recovery or compensation you might receive is intended to reimburse you for damages associated with the injury. Damages may consist of past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering you and your family have had to endure.

Types of Utah Personal Injuries

Utah personal injuries can happen in a wide variety of ways. They also occur along a continuum of degrees in terms of severity. The triggers for most Utah-based personal injuries typically fall into categories such as the following:

Or there may be other causes or triggers.

How Are Personal Injury Cases Handled Once the Lawyer Takes Over?

Every lawyer or law firm operates slightly differently and uniquely in the field of personal injury law. Despite disparities in operating procedures, a large number of firms attempt to negotiate settlement prior to taking on added risks and expenses of litigating your personal injury case in court. Often, a settlement offer or brochure is prepared for your claims by your personal injury counsel on your behalf.

It is then sent to the insurance adjuster or other claims professional handling the claim adverse to you. Negotiations begin and either resolve short of litigation, or a trial becomes necessary to resolve the matter. In the majority of situations—approximately 80 to 90 percent in some areas—negotiations are sufficient to resolve a claim. Only a minority of cases require litigation.

The law firm will present an agreement up front to the client regarding the payment of expenses during the case and the percentage of settlement or award the attorney will receive if the plaintiff prevails. That amount usually varies between 25 and 40 percent in most jurisdictions. Of course, facts and circumstances of each case are different. A Utah personal injury attorney can best address your specific questions and concerns through an initial consultation.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Utah

Personal injury cases range in significance of injuries and compensation at stake for a potential recovery to the injured party. There are many Utah practitioners working in this field. It may seem difficult to screen attorneys and decide who is best for you. There are some suggested questions you might consider asking a prospective lawyer when you call or have an initial consultation:

  • How many cases have you handled like my case?
  • How many cases have you tried in court?
  • What percentage of cases do you try in court, and what percentage do you negotiate and settle short of trial?
  • What is my case worth in your opinion and estimation?
  • What will you do to make sure that I recover the amount I deserve from settlement or trial?
  • How will you inform me of the status and progression of my case?
  • What do you base your evaluation of my case upon?

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A Utah personal injury lawyer can help evaluate your situation and explain your legal options. If a personal injury attorney thinks you have a viable case, your lawyer will gather evidence related to your accident and accident-related expenses. Call now to speak with an attorney at 877-913-7222.

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