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Hawaii Motorcycle Accidents

Imagine yourself biking across an island. You see everything from black sand beaches to pristine mountains to lush green forests. Motorcyclists in Hawaii can look forward to this each time they ride. But even experienced riders have bike accidents. If it happens to you, a motorcycle accidents lawyer can help assess your case and guide you through the legal process.

Get Ready to Ride

Before you start riding Hawaii's scenic roads, it is wise to learn the rules of the road. Also, it is a good idea to know that Hawaii motorcycles lawyers can be great resources in case of a wreck, bike accident injuries or if you have questions about your bike and the law.

Hawaii Motorcycle License

You need a driver's license endorsement to ride a motorcycle or scooter in Hawaii. The endorsement is a Class 2 license. To get a Class 2 license in Hawaii, you must:

  • Pass a written motorcycle test.
  • Pass a driving test.
  • Pass an eye test.
  • Complete a physical review.

The NTSA offers a motorcycle safety manual that can help you prepare for the test. Even if you already have Class 2 license, you can review the manual to keep safety skills fresh.

Avoiding Accidents

The NTSA reports that motorcycle accidents and injuries often occur when riders do not apply the brakes correctly when swerving. You can avoid this by braking firmly and progressively.

Bike accidents also can occur at four-way stops. Know the rules of the road and be careful of each driver's right away.

Adverse weather can make riding challenging. Some riders find better traction in wet weather by driving in the tracks of the vehicle in front of them.

Sharpening your skills can help you avoid an accident with a motorcycle.

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If you have been in a motorcycle accident or if you have questions about laws, a motorcycle lawyer can help you find answers. Call now to speak with a motorcycle attorney in Hawaii at 877-913-7222.