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Arkansas Personal Injury

Arkansas personal injury attorneys tackle legal cases stemming from car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, dangerous and/or recalled products and pharmaceutical drugs, nursing home neglect and abuse, medical malpractice, and wrongful death matters, among a host of other causes. The commonality to all of these cases that result in personal injuries for the victim is the harms are suffered due to fault or negligence on the part of another. The conduct on the part of the defendant that results in a personal injury to the victim might be:

  • reckless
  • irresponsible
  • unreasonable
  • careless
  • intentional

Injury Victims Should Not Assume a Corporation or Insurer Will Redress Harms

It is imprudent for a personal injury victim to assume that an insurer, claims adjuster, or corporate defendant is going to assume responsibility, apologize, and make amends for any harms or losses caused to victims. That is just not a realistic assumption. Instead, the competition of today's marketplace, the need to justify expenses, and maximize profits and the company's or employer's bottom line predominates over paying for a victim's medical expenses, reimbursing lost wages, and compensating for pain and suffering during the recovery process and beyond.

Arkansas Personal Injury Attorneys Perform a Vital Role

When accident victims are treated unreasonably or unfairly in the administration and processing of their insurance claims post-accident, a personal injury attorney steps in and can fulfill a vital role. Often, the earlier the attorney becomes involved, the more help and options the attorney can provide for the personal injury client. As with most legal matters, time is of the essence in making and prosecuting personal injury claims.

Fortunately, the attorney fully understands the pressures and stresses of the post-accident recovery process on a victim and his or her family. A personal injury attorney helps an accident victim meet needs for payment of lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering damages, while navigating the process of negotiating for payment of insurance claims (or litigating those claims in instances of dispute). This way, an accident victim can focus primarily on the healing process.

What Do Accident Victims Need to Know to Best Protect Their Interests?

Personal injury attorneys prefer their clients not sign or give statements to any insurance company post-accident. Additionally, they generally advise clients and prospective clients not to provide medical records or information to another party's insurance company. Because Arkansas law limits the time available for making a personal injury claim, clients are advised to act quickly to protect and preserve their rights. This includes consulting with and retaining a personal injury attorney to prosecute rights and claims. Initial consultations are often free, and most personal injury attorneys only collect a fee from their clients if they prevail in obtaining a recovery.

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