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Arizona Personal Injury

Personal injury attorneys work diligently to hold parties responsible for harms, injuries, damages, and losses that result from accidents caused by intentional or negligent misconduct. Injuries may occur during routine or catastrophic:

Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced society, traffic accidents are increasing exponentially as drivers become more distracted by the fast pace of life, fatigue, and technology gadgets like cell phones, PDAs, tablets, and navigational devices.

At the same time, products are becoming increasingly complex, their components are often mass produced cheaply and quickly in competitive overseas markets, and injuries that result from intended and unintended uses can be severe, if not fatal. Consider the recent Yasmin, Avandia, Provigil, and Meridia pharmaceutical lawsuits in the personal injury field, as well as the high-profile infant product liability litigation concerning the Stork Craft Crib and Graco Stroller recalls.

What Is the Role of an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury attorneys in Arizona work to help their clients navigate the complexities and complications associated with medical care, insurance claims, and litigation that accompany recovery for damages after an accident resulting in personal injuries. The role of the lawyer is to allow the client to focus on the physical, emotional, and mental healing process, while counsel works on the legal paperwork, insurance claims, and the protection, preservation, and prosecution of the client's legal and financial rights.

Who Typically Works on a Personal Injury Legal Team?

An Arizona personal injury attorney utilizes a variety of resources to pursue the injury victim’s case. Those resources include a team of professionals who work throughout the duration of the litigation, including private investigators, paralegals, legal assistants, case managers, and health professionals like nurse or physician’s assistants. It is not uncommon in today’s customer-oriented, competitive marketplace for law firms and their professional teams to visit prospective or current clients in medical environments and settings like a hospital or rehabilitation center, or at home on evenings and weekends. In many instances, attorneys working on personal injury cases dedicate their practices solely to that area of law.  Learn more about some questions to ask on an initial visit.

Why Should an Accident Victim Consider Retaining a Personal Injury Attorney?

While it is true a litigant in the personal injury field does not necessarily have to retain an attorney to proceed with a claim for damages, it is prudent to do so. Why? Because even the insurance industry is aware of statistics that show personal injury clients who retain counsel to assist them in navigating the legal system settle or receive judgment awards two, if not three times higher than their counterparts who navigate the system solo. The training manuals from major insurers, such as Allstate, report the same findings.

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