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Loan Modification in Ohio

If you're like many Ohioans, you may be struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments. Perhaps you got locked into a high interest rate and are unable to refinance your loan. Or maybe your home is worth significantly less than when you purchased it and you're simply having a tough time justifying your loan payments on a money-losing piece of property. If so, you may be a prime candidate to modify your mortgage. An Ohio loan modification attorney can guide you through the process.

Why Modify Your Ohio Mortgage?

When you modify a home loan, you're changing some aspect of the loan in an effort to lower the cost of your monthly payments. Loan modifications can change the interest rate, total length of the loan and/or principal that's owed. The end result: Lower monthly mortgage payments.

A mortgage modification may be right for you if:

  • You can't qualify for a loan re-financing
  • You're unemployed
  • Medical expenses or other unanticipated bills have made it difficult to afford your mortgage
  • Your salary is lower than when you qualified for your mortgage
  • You're paying an interest rate that is much higher than today's average rates
  • Your home is "under water" or worth less than the value of your loan

Why Hire an Ohio Loan Modification Lawyer?

There are a few reasons to consider hiring an Ohio mortgage modification attorney, rather than trying to go through the loan modification process yourself.

Your attorney can analyze your finances and get an appraisal on your home to help you decide whether an Ohio loan modification is right for you.  Learn more about Ohio foreclosure prevention.

If a mortgage modification isn't the right solution, your Ohio loan modification lawyer can discuss other solutions, such as a short sale, foreclosure or personal bankruptcy.

Your lawyer will be familiar with and knowledgeable about the loan modification process, and can help ensure things move smoothly and there are no delays.

You should also be aware that many distressed homeowners have become victims of loan modification scams. Working with an attorney reduces your risk of becoming a victim of loan or foreclosure fraud.  Find out more about why you should hire a loan modification attorney.

Find & Hire an Ohio Mortgage Modification Attorney

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